Guitar Note Finder

Guitar Note Finder

Guitar Note Finder is an app that will help you with sight reading, whether you just started to play the guitar or you are a pro. It will give you the insight to find notes on the whole fretboard of your instrument.

The app was built by a small team of professional guitar teachers from the Netherlands.

The functionality is very straightforward:

You can tap on a staff to see where on the guitar a certain note can be played. You will see this both on an overview picture of a guitar in the middle of the screen, and on a picture of an enlarged position of the guitar.

You can select which position to be enlarged. If you tap on this position, the corresponding note will appear on the staff.

Both by tapping on the staff and on the enlarged fretboard, you will hear te corresponding tone, and the name of the note will appear on the left of the staff.

Lastly, you can set the notes on the staff to be sharp or flat, or back to natural.

You can check it out in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store.